Jetty East Owners

To access the Front Gate you can either:
  1. Use your key fob or guest key card. Place the fob or key card on the small black box that is located on the front lower middle section of the entrance call box.
  2. Using the call box you can call the front desk during business hours (8AM – 5PM), 7 days a week and after hours you can call Security’s cell phone, the number is on the call box.


President: Lynn Krupa

Vice President: Mike Eppley

Secretary: Tammy White

Director: Mark Avery

Director: Scott Hickman

Director: Stephen Kone

Director: Marc Francis

2023 Board of Director Meeting Dates:

February 19, 2023 – 9:00 AM

November 04, 2023 – ANNUAL OWNERS MEETING – 10:00 AM

Committee meetings will be decided by each committee.

Jetty East Staff

General Manager: Sandy Andrews
Assistant Association Manager: Beth White

Rental Manager: Madison McNabb

Front Desk Manager: Pam Garron

Housekeeping Manager: Nikki Martin

Maintenance Supervisor: Chris Brown

Courtesy Patrol Supervisor: Jeb Slate

As an owner if you need more information or to view Jetty East reports please access your Association Web Site at:

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